Latest technologies used in manufacturing process required that are absolutely critical for creating cutting edge products


We discuss in detail what types of products you’re looking to have manufactured. Usually this involves an exchange of ideas and images that are very similar to what you’d like to have. This gives us a starting point for the design.


As needed we will provide digital images and/or illustrations that accurately portray the desired product. The goal in this step is to provide the with enough information so that we can produce an initial sample. This level of work will vary based on the product design and if it’s ever been produced before.


We will select the best available raw materials to meet your product criteria as well as any other requirements you may have. Samples are provided for your approval, the sample process will continue until you are 100% satisfied.


Once the sample is approved, final order will be placed along with purchase order with Forty Seven Industries according to the agreed upon price, payment terms, delivery time and other terms & conditions.


Payment and terms may vary depending upon the size of the order. It may be full advance payment or partial payment. We accept payments through bank transfer and LC (Bank Guarantee) for large orders. Customer can also pay through Credit/Debt card, Paypal for small orders.


Once your order is placed and payment is made, we will stay in communication with the customer following the quoted delivery schedule, keep you updated about your order status. We will send some production samples to ensure that your order is accurate as the approved samples.


Forty Seven Industries coordinates with selected or suggested courier/shipping company to ensure on time delivery, cost effective, safe and efficient travel of your goods from origin to your chosen destination.


We will contact you to make sure that your order arrived as indicated and in acceptable condition. All feedback and comments will be used to improve the process for the next order.

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